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    The Nelson Yacht Brokerage is dedicated to serving existing and prospective owners of Nelson boats and related semi-displacement craft. Our long association with, and in-depth knowledge of, the Nelson marque places us in a strong position to understand and assist you in all aspects of buying and selling these tremendous boats.

    Both Harry Standley and Steve Brenner have been members of the Nelson Boat Owners Club for nearly 30 years since its inception in 1984 and as Officers of the club they come into almost daily contact with people wanting to know more about specific Nelsons and to discuss what Nelsons are available to suit their needs.

    Nelsons represent the Bentleys of the sea, with their pilot working boat background and superb sea keeping. Nelsons with their 'Gentleman’s Motor Yacht' superstructures and elegant but practical interiors, are often purchased by yachtsmen transferring from sail to power and are admired wherever they go.

    Nelson motor yachts have travelled to Russia, Sweden, Finland, Scotland and around Britain and can be found as far afield as America. So let us discuss your requirements and find a Nelson that suits your ideals and budget.